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Hi – most of my attention revolves around being a founder and CEO of ManyWorlds Inc. We help leading companies grow by delivering the results of our advanced R&D to our clients in the form of leading practice advisory services and technologies.
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You can read many of my articles and whitepapers on - which is a widely acclaimed thought leadership resource for business executives, academics and consultants.

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I was recently interviewed by Total Picture, an online business radio channel, on the topic of The Adaptive World™.

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Our inventions are focused on contributing toward what we call the adaptive world™ through the creation and implementation of systems and processes that learn to become increasingly useful over time. We also invent and implement next generation decision and strategy methods for businesses.

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What I’d like to be doing:

Recreating Ancient


The Way it Was:

The Klamath Knot


How it Can Be:

Pleistocene Park

Wollemi Pine

Dawn Redwood


I have an interest in helping to advance an understanding of how the underlying principles of scientific fields inter-relate, particularly in the areas of information theory, physics, cognitive science, and evolution. Following are some research reports I’ve authored.

March 2006 - Evolution as Communication>>

February 2003 - The Memory Modulation Theory of Music>>

August 2001 - The Memory Modulation Theory of Music>>
(Abstract and Presentation at the Cognitive Science Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland)

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